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 NEW  SpiroVision-3+TM  

Converts a standard computer into a powerful spirometer  


Complete Spirometry - FVC (Flow Volume loops and t/V curves), SVC and MVV tests, Pre/Post Comparison, Broncho-challenge Testing

Economical - Cost effective way to turn an existing computer into a diagnostic spirometer 

Cost-effective - Can be used with your choice of mouthpiece or bacterial filter, so you control the cost and quality of your disposables.   

Pediatric Incentive - Ecourages patients to perform tests properly, so you have optimal results quickly and easily.

Multiple test display - Graphs and data from different sessions can be put on the same report for comparison.

Trend analysis - Several parameters from different sessions can be plotted on the same trend graph for analysis.

Quality control messages - Computer-driven messages help the technician recognize testing errors and validate a maneuver's technical quality.

User selected parameters
Reports can be tailored to include only the parameters you want, in the order you desire.

Choice of prediction standards
SpiroVision-3+ is programmed with the NHANESIII, Knudson, Morris, Bass, ITS and other predicted sets. New GLI 2012 Predicteds are now also available.

Patient records can include physicians' notes and comments. In addition to standard demographic information, fields can be custom-labeled to contain data specific to your application.

File Sharing
Individual tests or complete patient files can be transmitted to other stations electronically, automatically stored in designated folders in pdf format, or stored on removable media.

SpiroVision-3+ meets or exceeds ATS standards for accuracy. It has a unique sensor design that is unaffected by environmental changes. The built-in temperature sensor and the ability to make BTPS corrections ensure that measurements are exact for a wide range of flows, with low resistance.

Windows Driven - Compatible with Windows 7, VISTA or XP on a notebook, netbook or desktop computer (New software now also available for WIN 8. Call us for details).

Standard USB connection 
No special hardware required

Real time F/V and T/V graphs
Assess test quality while the patient is still
performing the maneuver. Side-by-side real-time
graphs are recommended by OSHA
for evaluation of
spirometry in occupational settings.


Smooth handset
Easy for all patients (young and old) 
to hold


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